The first thing you notice on a boat is its exterior. First impressions really set the tone for a  boat, and can easily take a trip from good, to great!

The boat shell takes a lot of wear and tear, and can give the hull a cloudy, dull appearance over time.

Gelcoat Restoration

We provide basic gelcoat restorations which include sanding the gelcoat to remove oxidation and light scratches before buffing the exterior to a mirror shine.

Some boats have stress cracks or more extensive fiberglass and gelcoat damage. We can repair the damage and match the color of the gelcoat to restore the exterior. Our gelcoat expert is one of the best in the business and is capable of small repairs to  completely re-gelcoating a boat.

Metal Flake

Metal flake repairs are one of the most extensive and difficult jobs to do correctly. Just like gelcoat colors that must be matched and sprayed by someone with experience, metal flake requires an understanding and expertise of its own. Every aspect of the process -from the metal flake size to the consistency of the clear coat used to apply the flake to the boat- needs to be precise to ensure a perfect match and beautiful end result. Here at Gabe’s Custom Marine, we are dedicated to putting out a quality product and we have the experience to do so.

Other Exterior Services

Decals come in many shapes and sizes. We can replace existing decals or have a new, custom decal made.