Custom care for all of your boat’s needs


Custom Upholstery

Our specialty is in custom upholstery. From creating new patterns for old boats, to changing color schemes and look, we work with you to make your boat look the way you want. Upholstery work ranges from single cushions to full interiors.

See Interior for in-house services and Skins for vinyl skins we can send to install yourself.

GelCoat + Detailing

GelCoat is becoming more and more popular due to its functionality in protecting the exterior of a boat from typical wear, as well as its polished look. Check out more at Exterior services.

Technical Service

Diagnostics and repair provided on-site, with prior consultation. View more of what we offer in this service here.


Are your boats cushions uncomfortable and worn? It might need some attention! How’s the carpet looking? Adding new carpet to your boat will aid in comfort, longevity, and bring a fresh look to boats that need some attention. Often, carpet work accompanies a full upholstery re-do. For more view Interior.

Other Specialties

  • Trailer Services
  • Tower & electronics consultation
  • Parts & supplies ordering
  • Exterior buffing & washing

Full Interior Tear-Out and Refresh

This boat was suffering from age and weather problems leading to cracked and torn upholstery, and rotting wood and floor issues.


Gel Coat/Exterior

Benefits of a fresh gel coat include protecting the original paint job and the hull from wear and tear due to weather, transport, and owner use.